Today we headed up to Toowoon Bay on the Central Coast in Steph’s motorhome where we were going to stay for a few nights. On the way we went to Moonee Beach to try and find the “Pink Caves”. The tide was against us as we ventured out around the rocks and was actually becoming quite rough and scary so we had to turn back. I guess we’ll have to try to find those caves another time


We got into our camp site later that night and again the next day, the weather turned so we only had a short time to head down to the beach to get in some photography before the rain started. As the tide was low it uncovered some beautiful rock formations and abstracts which made for some interesting photos.


We spent a lot of time in the motorhome over the next 24 hours playing scrabble, 500 and upwards whilst enjoying a couple of drinks along with a nice cheese platter.
That was actually a lot of fun and quite relaxing.


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Beach Abstract- Scenes by Julie | Australian Landscape photography
Moonee Beach - Scenes by Julie | Ausytalian Landscape Photography