Today we met up with another friend John, whom we had met on a previous trip to Africa and he explained and showed us some interesting ways to do ‘street’ photography, which I have become interested in. We spent a few hours around Circular Quay just people watching and taking photos. It was unusually quiet though as with Covid still around , people were reluctant to get out and about again.

The next evening we had tickets to go to the outdoor cinema at Centennial Park. It began really well as we got there early , had dinner and a couple of drinks before the movie started. The weather was quite overcast all afternoon and we were hoping the the rain would hold off until after the movie but it wasn’t the case. About 20 mins after the movie started, the rain came down and it didn’t stop, it was very heavy and set in. Even though we had ponchos on, it didn’t stop the rain running down my legs and into my shoes. It actually became quite uncomfortable and cold so after an hour we decided enough was enough and headed home. Shame we didn’t get to see all of the movie.


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