In September I took off for 4 days on my first Solo Road Trip as I wanted to head to Country Victoria to photography the beautiful Yellow Canola fields and Waterfalls.
I wanted to base myself in Ballarat so as I could head to the Canola Fields around Beaufort and then out to Sailors Falls in Daylesford.

This was my first ever solo road trip. I must admit even though it was fun, it was nerve racking at times especially when the GPS took me off the beaten track out in the middle of nowhere and it was also quite lonely at times. It was something that I wanted to do to prove that I could ‘get out’ and do things on my so I hope you enjoy reading my latest Blog to see how my adventure went.

I headed off early on Sunday morning and went via Ballan to check out Lal Lal Falls. They were lovely but couldn’t really get a decent photo as it was quite steep and narrow to get to the bottom and half the falls were in shadow. I then continued on towards Ballarat past lots of wind farms and plenty of sheep and cows as the GPS took me across the countryside.

I found my Hotel just on the outskirts of Ballarat but was to early to check in so I continued on towards Beaufort and came across acres and acres of bright yellow Canola fields. I decided to get off the main road and headed in amongst the paddocks along narrow bitumen roads but was able to get close to the paddocks getting many photos of solo trees, old buildings and even an old windmill in amongst all that yellow.

After a couple of hours in and around Beaufort, I drove back along country roads to my hotel. After checking in, I again headed out and drove around Wendouree Lake where I was hoping to photograph sunset but it was a fizzer that night. I did manage to get some quick photos of Black Swans and their baby cygnets though.

The next morning, I went around the lake again photographing some of the boathouses and went for a walk through the gardens. We had had a lot of rain overnight so I decided that I would drive out to Daylesford to see Sailors Falls. After I had photographed the Falls the weather still wasn’t the greatest and I had seen enough of the Canola fields so I decided to pack up and hit the road again and travel down south to the Great Ocean Rd and stay at Port Campbell.

I loved this little town and it was so central to seeing all the sights along the coast so I stayed 2 nights here. I checked out all the sights from the Gibson Steps to as far as Warrnambool. The weather was quite overcast with showers on and off most of the time so I got some moody B&W photos. The second night sunset cleared so I was able to a decent photograph at the the 12 Apostles, including the waterfall which is only ever seen after heavy rain. There had to be some consolation to all that rain!!.

My last morning there it was quite windy and chilly so I decided to head home up over the Otway Ranges to check out the waterfalls. Again following my GPS, it took me along some very narrow winding roads and I just hoped that I would make it safely from A to B, which obviously I did. I ventured out to Triplet Falls & Beauchmap Falls both of which had lots of water but were very wet, muddy and slippery.I enjoyed walking through the Forrest’s but again because of the conditions I wasn’t able to get down to places that I wanted to to photograph as it was unsafe, especially on my own. Its a good excuse to go back and visit them another time.

After 4 days and 1130kms I was home safe and sound with around 800 photographs to go through. I think I may have got a couple of good ones in there somewhere!!.

Until my next adventure, thanks for checking in and reading my Blog



  1. Steph

    Sounds like a great first solo adventure Julie!

  2. Sam

    Great post. I love how google maps takes you on random roads!


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