My Adventures in the snow

The last couple of months have thrown some curve balls in the way of Covid, sickness, depression and cancelled travel plans.
But apart from all that ,I finally got to do my Photography Snow Workshop which had been cancelled the previous 2 years due to Covid.
As I have hardly ever been to the snow, apart from a couple of day trips to make snowmen when the kids were small, I thought I would take a day trip up to Lake Mountain .This was just to check it out and make sure my snow gear was comfortable and warm and that I could cope in the cold with my camera gear before I took off on my Photographic Workshop.

So I drove to Mansfield and caught the early shuttle bus up the mountain to get there before the crowds. Im glad I did as it was SOOOO busy.
I went prepared for cold but didn’t go prepared for the wet weather so I had to ask the hire shop for a garbage bag to cover my camera, which I very much needed.
I was advised to hire some snow shoes as this allowed me to walk along the ski runs so at least I could get away from the crowds.

Note to oneself though!!!!

Do not walk off the tracks as I did and I sunk.
It freaked me out a bit as I sunk down above my knees and I had to crawl out whilst holding my camera and tripod with backpack on my back and having one of the snow shoes come off. There was no one around so I’m glad I got out safely and it was lesson learnt!!!.
It was actually quite a frustrating day given the weather conditions so I didn’t really venture to far and didn’t get any decent photos, but the snow gear was comfortable, warm and dry so I new I was ready for my Mount Hotham photography workshop.

So the end of July, I was so excited and was picked up and taken with others to our Lodge in Dinner Plain which we called home for the next 5 days.

Dinner Plain is such a pretty village and a lot bigger that I expected.
Each day we headed out for sunrise, sunset or anything in between depending on the weather which was such a contrast between Dinner Plain and Mt Hotham.
There wasn’t much of a sunrise the first morning, but we did get out and photograph the beautiful snow gums trees covered in snow.
We ventured out around the village and the nearby areas and took some photos of frozen grasses and water.
We even tried some macro photography by blowing bubbles from a wand and photographing the reflections in them as they landed, unfortunately we weren’t able to make them freeze but it was a fun thing to try.

The next few days we experienced everything from rain, snow, wind and sun which made for a variety of photographic and driving conditions.
We visited the old huts, such as JD Hut, Diamantina Hut, Blow Hard Hut and Dinner Plain Hut and photographed the layers of rolling hills covered in snow, the beautiful coloured snow gums, and shot some close ups of frozen icy leaves.
We were very well fed & watered in the lodge and when we couldn’t get out due to the bad weather, we spent time practising some post processing skills. Mind you we did get out and about on lots of occasions, even when the weather was bad.

The last night however was very special. We had a BBQ dinner in a teepee in the snow. We were taken to the teepee in a Ski-Doo, which was fun. The weather on this night couldn’t have been better. It was snowing and calm and was like a winter wonderland. We sat in the warm teepee eating beautiful food and drinking Honey Mead which went down a treat in the cold weather.

This trip certainly took me out side of my comfort zone and there were a few scary moments but I must admit I really enjoyed the experience and I now look at the snow landscape with different eyes and can’t wait to go back again soon.

Id also like to thank Tom Putt and Mary Trantino for there generosity and expertise in the snow and for a wonderful photographic experience that took me to places I really never thought that I would experience.

Im hoping to get up and experience Mt Buller and the surrounds before the end of the season so keep checking in , who know where ill end up or what I’ll see.


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