This morning we went back to Kermits Pool to photograph early before too many visitors got there. It was great as we were the only ones there at that time so made for some fun photography.Once we made our way out, we then headed to our final gorge which was Hamersely Gorge, the most remote of the Karijini Gorges.

This was very different as it was full of colours and textures and folded bands of ancient rocks. It is also where you find the very popular ‘Spa Pool’ . Although very beautiful I was very surprised just how small spa pool was.

This was one of my favourite gorges as it was just so interesting with the different textures , reflections and colours and was great for creating abstract images.

This was our last day at Karijini and I must say that it was one of the most interesting, exciting and adventurous places I have ever visited.
Thank you Tom Putt for making it possible.

I love the Australian Outback , the landscape, the colours the openness and the spirituality. It sure is a special place .


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