On the way back from Mount Tom Price we went to Hancock / Weano Gorges. Hancock Gorge has been described as a ‘journey to the centre of the earth’. As you trek down into the gorge it winds and narrows with forever changing scenery of open pools and narrow chasms that you either have to swim through or climb the walls gripping onto slippery wet rocks.

At the end of this trek we were excited to see the beautiful ‘kermits pool’. Its a natural pool that’s great for a dip or makes for some wonderful photography. After spending some time here, we then made our way to Weano Gorge and headed through the narrow chasms, with water rushing through our feet, until we got to the end and Handrail Pool.

The name says it all, you literally have a slippery handrail that you have to straddle and grip onto very tightly to get down the steep slippery wall and down to the pool.
It was a surreal feeling but also one of achievement having tackled the difficult Grade 5 hike to see the beauty of these gorges.
After climbing back out of this gorge, we went over to Oxers lookout for sunset photos of the spectacular landscape.


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