Autumn here was actually pretty mild, compared to our start to Winter


Over Easter we had a family outing to the Redwood Forest in Warburton. This is a place I had heard so much about but had never visited.
It was actually quite a wet and rainy day but it didn’t stop the grandchildren splashing in the puddles.
The tall, dense Redwood trees made for a perfect setting for our Easter Egg hunt and it was lovely exploring through the ferns and along the river.
I will definitely return to photograph this area again


In May, I went with some friends to Phillip Island for the day. Whilst there, we also visited the heritage listed Churchill Island which has an historic working farm with many animals including Highland cows that had their young calves with them.
As the Island also forms part of the Churchill Island Marine National Park there are a lot of mudflats with migratory birds including Cape Barron Geese, Egrets, Pelicans, just to name a few. There are also many walking tacks, a cafe and a monthly framers market.
We couldn’t resist taking many photos of the Highland cows and their fluffy brown calves, We spent a couple of hours just trying to get ‘that shot’.


After a lovely lunch in Cowes, we drove around to the Nobbies to check out the views and the many wallabies and geese that inhabit this area.
On the way back home we stopped off at San Remo to do a sunset shoot. We had to walk for a while to get to an old broken jetty and although the sunset wasn’t as good as expected we all had a great , fun day.
It also made for change from photographing Autumn leaves.


Winter is here and I have a few special trips planned, taking me out of my comfort zone.
Be sure to check in over winter to follow my new ventures.



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Redwood Forest Warburton - Scenesbyjulie | Australian Nature Landscape Photography
Warburton Ferns - Scenesbyjulie | Australian Nature Landscape Photography
Highland Cows Churchill Island - Scenesbyjulie | Australian Nature Landscape Photography
Highland Cow Churchill Island - Scenesbyjulie | Australian Nature Landscape Photography
San Remo Jetty - Scenesbyjulie | Australian Natur Landscape Photography