About  Julie

Hi my name Julie and I am a Landscape and Nature Photographer.

I have honed my skills over the past 12 years by attending courses and workshops in some stunning locations locally, interstate and internationally.

These were run by well-respected and well-known Professional Photographers.

I have always loved being outdoors, My photography has inspired me to be more creative in the ways that I capture the beautiful landscapes that surround us.

I occasionally like to dabble in other Genre’s of photography, particularly Street Photography so I have included some of these images in my Gallery..

Photography in the snow | Scenes by Julie _ Nature Photography

Until recently, I was convinced that I didn’t have a creative bone in my body. I’d never actually allowed myself time to explore this further.

Now through a change in life’s circumstances, I have unleashed my creative self and I’m thrilled to be producing a range of images that would grace any home or office.

Why do I love Landscape and Nature Photography?

I love the challenges of experimenting with colours, textures, and abstracts that our land provides. I also love capturing animals in their natural habitat and their moods. I am forever discovering places that give freedom and enjoyment.

Whether it be the first light of the day on a beach for sunrise, a subtle scene of autumn leaves on a lake or vibrant and bold colours of the Outback, I love the feeling of peace that Nature has to offer.

I am excited to share my images with you in the hope of connecting you with memories or experiences from places you have visited, or will create excitement of places you have yet to explore.

I have been fortunate to have developed lasting friendships with like- minded people and can’t wait to show you more images of the world as ‘Scene” through my eyes.

( I would particularly like to thank my friend Steph for her ongoing support and friendship and encouraging me to take a step forward and create this website. I would also like to thank Ian Wallace for making it all possible.)



2023 – Highly Commended – End of Winter
2023 – Highly Commended – Forrest Drive
2023 – Highly Commended – Zebra mother and foal

2023 – Top 30 – Mt Cook – NZ
2023 – Highly Commended – Peak into the forrest
2023 – Highly Commended – Tasman River
2023 – Highly Commended – Tasman Glacier

2023- Top 30 – Wilderness Photographer
2023 – Highly Commended – Winer Landscape
2023 – Highly Commended – Sunset at  The Apostles
2023 – Highly Commended – Natures Gorge

2023 – Highly Commended – Into the Forrest
2023 – Highly Commended – St Kilda Pier Cafe
2023 – Highly Commended – City Architecture

Exhibitions & Publications

2021 – Nov13th – Nov 26th – Joint Exhibition
“Connecting with Nature”,
Glimmer Gallery Hawthorn Rd North Caulfield .Vic

2021 – In Focus Women – Featured – Alfred Nichols Hut
2022 – In Focus Women – Featured – Toorongo Falls